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General Powers of Attorney

Anyone with mental capacity can sign a General Power of Attorney (GPA) giving another person the authority to run their financial affairs. However unlike a Lasting (or Enduring) Power of Attorney, a GPA can only be used whilst the donor still has full capacity. It is therefore usually used when someone is, for instance, going abroad or into hospital for a while.

It is sometimes used to cover the period whilstcontact Frisby & Small solicitors waiting for the registration process for a Lasting Power of Attorney to be completed, provided the donor still has full capacity but nonetheless needs assistance, for instance due to a physical disability or urgent admission to hospital.

Trustee Powers of Attorney

Trustees have limited rights to appoint attorneys to carry out their duties as trustees, and can only do so for one year at a time. If you are a trustee you should seek legal advice about the terms of the trust to confirm your ability to make a Power of Attorney if necessary. It a trustee has their own LPA this cannot be used for trustee functions.

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