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Cohabitation / Living together Agreements

Cohabitation (or Living together Agreements) are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. It is a well known fact that marriage rates are falling and people are choosing to cohabit together instead. However, as the law stands today, there is very little legal protection for cohabitees who suffer a relationship breakup and need to resolve disputes that may have arisen in respect of property or children.

You will often hear the term “common law husband or wife.” It is a common mistake to think that if you live with someone for a period of time you acquire the same rights as a husband or wife. This is not true. Cohabitees cannot rely on the Family Court to determine an appropriate financial settlement for them as divorcees can.

For this reason, more people are turning to ‘Living together Agreements’ to record the financial arrangements that are to apply in respect of their cohabitation and what should happen in the event that the relationship fails. Living together Agreements are contracts that can include provisions dealing with income, property, children, wills and legacies, ownership of chattels and many other topics that are relevant to cohabitation.

They can be very simple contracts dealing with one or two matters only or they can be quite complex. Either way, we will be able to advise you about the legalities of Living contact Frisby & Small solicitorstogether Agreements and what to include in your Agreement.

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